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fairies and ninjas! - We are the slags

Feb. 18th, 2005

02:01 pm - fairies and ninjas!

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well not quite ninja but but paulie in his karateeeee stuff!so yesterday was paulie party take...whatever we are up to, a whole year since the first one, now i could reflect upon what has happened in the past year, but frankly i cant be arsed and its too emotionally draining. so let me start at 12 yesterday at the horse where i was stuck waiting for people, who took forever to turn up, and ended up being oggy, sam, cam and si and then we met keegs at lime street and got on the train(oh this is a fun story so far isnt it children?!)got to paulies and were greeted by an oddly dog sounding yip...which was paulie...in his karatee stuff with dani behind him in fairy-ness.....drinking followed....and various food eatage of, random stittings outside by me....looking like a demented fairy...errrm walked to the staition with paulie to meet slap and lisa and matty and walked back with no shoes on coz my feets hurt lol errrm more alcohol drinking followed and eating of food....si spankage again...with his own belt again much fun errrm....more drinkage.....thats it really methinks....just drinking and mayhem left sometime round 8ish...it was one of those days where you had to be there methinks for any of this to make sense and for less gaps....im sure paulie can fill them in if you really wanna know :D love to yas x

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Date:February 19th, 2005 10:17 pm (UTC)
quite frankly i'm none the bloody wiser :P
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