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Last of club slag to die! - We are the slags

Jan. 21st, 2005

11:06 am - Last of club slag to die!

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right - i know i said club slag was totally disbanded hence wiuth and all that prattle but i have reincarated it in the form of killer_slags!!! main;y because of my current slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagy situation!

first am seeing chris - really nice and am gettinhg to be good mats with, but he doesn't want t kiss me as much as i want to kiss him (think its an immature Vs maturity thing - or ustbecause we were kissing on the stairs in quiggs where nobody goes except for this one time) but he does seem a little spaced and outta it, so i'm not sure if i want to continue with him. although i do feel strongly for him - he helps meto forget the whole micheal/cam/sam/craig fisacos that have happened lately. :|

second was talking to andy online - guy i bin talkin to online, kinda nice/more my age and likes me. but i dunno what it'd be like if i meet him. but that hasn't stopped me so txted him and asked if he wanted to go out sum time ... still gotta organise that! :P so thats 2 guys and counting...

thirdly...... the sex god himself........ (: ->*AZ*<- :) (!!!!!!!!!) has txted me! saying hes comming dwnin about three weeks! it was kinda sweet cos he said.... er hang on forgotten what he said - left phoe in the bloofy locker! brb....

right am vbk and have the txt - goes like this - (had asked him how in the hell he was still single)- "just no one rnd here i fancy and the one i do go 4 r either straight or unavailable 4 whatever reason. Hey ho! (hee hee he said hey ho :P cute!) so does this mean next time i'm up ur cumin over?"

paulie being paulie said that "it might be possible to pursude me :P"


i think it is pretty nice seeing as he still remebers me after all this time :P nearly a year now come to think about it! or at least a good few months

oh well i promised matty-boy-da-muppy that i'd only be a few minutes while i printed off an email - which i never did cos i lost da email and da printer not working lol - so i'm off!


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Current Music: start sumthing - lost prophets - loving this cd!


Date:January 22nd, 2005 09:24 pm (UTC)
you soft twat its been like 5 months coz it was september! i remember coz me you rach tall one and dani had escaped from school lower6th open thing to go to speke and my shoesies were hurting me and i gave you a rubber and we all told you to USE IT! and you must always use one! :P love ya love ya!
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